Creative bliss, one year in.

Today is the one year anniversary of starting my media productions business!!!! Yay. :) Let's cheer for me everyone! ... Except that's not really how this all works with the cheering and everything, let's be honest. Why then is applause expected? I haven't come as far as I would have liked... but I did make some progress and that … Read More

It’s my first!

I got to edit and publish my company's first ebook fiction title. :) It was tons of fun to do, and it's doing lots of good around the world. Little River is an … Read More

Alec Gores

Alec Gores continues to succeed, where others don't. No doubt, many of his dreams have come true. When you reach the economic level that Alec Gores has, you can … Read More

Back of the Line

I love the works of Ross Gibson. He has written hundreds of stories, at this level, that are as good, or better, than anything else I have ever seen or … Read More