Dreams Come True – The Eric LeGrand Story “Believe”

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS7Kdq35c-g&feature=related] Believe! What a message of inspiration, power, vision. Eric LeGrand Believes. Those who know him believe. What a great thing, for all of us, to believe. Tara Sullivan wrote, And that’s where the true measure of this remarkable young man emerges. [Eric LeGrand recently] spoke not of the dreams of his football-playing past, but […]

James Durbin: An Outpouring of Appreciation

The San Jose Mercury News has published a great collection of appreciation and support for James Durbin. In one example, Alex Sawyers wrote, I will admit, up until this season, I hadn’t followed ‘American Idol’ too much. But when I heard about James Durbin’s story, I was immediately glued to the TV. I, like James, […]

Dreams Come True for New Author Tracey Taylor

Tracey Taylor spent most of her time trying to be a good wife and mother. But inside she also had a desire to do something more. She wanted to write. But like most people, she had big blocks and limiting beliefs that stood in her way. Somehow, though, she dug down deep enough to overcome […]