The Rosie Show

Rosie has a great energy about her, and humor. She can make you laugh. I like her work, her gifts. The short video in the ETonline article is a nice introduction. I think you’ll enjoy it. After a “four-hour sit down,” Oprah and Rosie came to an agreement about doing “The Rosie Show,” which debuts […]

Laughter and the Seven Steps

Laughter is an important part of the Seven Steps, and a key feeling to track improvement on in Step 7. When I laugh, I am on track. I desire to laugh every day; to start each day with laughter; to laugh often throughout the day; to have my employees do the same; to make laughter […]

Launch Your Dreams

[youtube]kuMgwpk1HzU[/youtube] There are some funny moments in that video. A lot of takeoff’s, launch’s, and crash-landings. Trying is everything. It doesn’t matter if we fall down. We can laugh and keep going. Laughter helps us stay positive, happy, and do what is needed for our dreams to come true. To really take off, we need […]