Amber’s Dream Come True

[youtube=] I love this story. What a dream come true! Amber Des Roches lost her battle with leukemia in 2007, but her dream has lived on. On Sunday May 1, 2011 her dream came true. The magical Medcenter One sixth-floor Children’s Hospital has come to life. From the moment children get off the elevator to […]

Dreams Come True for “Sick Kids” – Thank You Meagan’s Walk

[youtube]0yQEJx5nZMs&feature=related[/youtube] Kevin Conner recently wrote a touching story about Meagan’s Walk, a real dream come true. A human hug lets the young patients of the Hospital for Sick Children know dreams can come true. It’s just one of the touching moments during Meagan’s Walk — celebrating its 10th year — when the thousands of marchers […]

Dreams Come True – The Eric LeGrand Story “Believe”

[youtube=] Believe! What a message of inspiration, power, vision. Eric LeGrand Believes. Those who know him believe. What a great thing, for all of us, to believe. Tara Sullivan wrote, And that’s where the true measure of this remarkable young man emerges. [Eric LeGrand recently] spoke not of the dreams of his football-playing past, but […]

Dreams Come True for Former Pilot to Fly Once More

Emily Stroud, of WBIR, wrote  about a dream come true for 86 year-old Paul Lowe, of Knoxville, Tennessee. In spite of Alzheimer’s Paul got to fly again. Second Wind Dreams made it all possible. “He wasn’t afraid of my flying at all. We went over to McGhee Tyson and we did an instrument landing approach and did […]

James Durbin: An Outpouring of Appreciation

The San Jose Mercury News has published a great collection of appreciation and support for James Durbin. In one example, Alex Sawyers wrote, I will admit, up until this season, I hadn’t followed ‘American Idol’ too much. But when I heard about James Durbin’s story, I was immediately glued to the TV. I, like James, […]

More Dreams to Come True for Oprah – Her Broadway Acting Dream

Oprah Winfrey has had many great dreams come true. She has also been an inspiration to many. Now as her 25-year run comes to an end, other great dreams are just beginning. Chris Jones wrote about her Broadway dream. Oprah Winfrey has long said she would love to return to acting. But as her iconic […]

Dreams Come True through Oprah

Everdeen Mason wrote about a great dream come true made possible by Oprah Winfrey and her Harpo Hookup program. It tells of Jessica Bruce who met her prince charming, Joseph Malagisi, when they performed in a musical version of Cinderella. Jessica was cinderella and Joseph was prince charming. Because of Oprah, the two were able […]

It’s Your Dream—Take It! Make a Financial Goal

Knowing your true dream can be inspirational, but chances are, you don’t have the time and means to pursue it actively right now, to make your dream come true. You may not even believe or know how it ever will. In It’s Your Dream—Take It! Seven Steps to Any Dream we learn that we need […]

Dreams Come True for New Author Tracey Taylor

Tracey Taylor spent most of her time trying to be a good wife and mother. But inside she also had a desire to do something more. She wanted to write. But like most people, she had big blocks and limiting beliefs that stood in her way. Somehow, though, she dug down deep enough to overcome […]

Dreams Come True: Habitat for Humanity Women Build

[youtube=] Holly Boldrin  shared a great Mother’s Day dream come true story in Coral Cove, Florida. Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program is helping make a mother’s homeownership dream come true. Thanks to them, Michelle Wolcott and her two sons will soon own their own home. Women Build is an annual happening that goes on all […]