Give For the Sake of Giving, and Receive

[youtube]gOKEYhyUE2k&feature=related[/youtube] BJ Gallagher writes about tithing in the Huffington Post; tithing in the sense of giving to charity, to a cause you believe in, to what you believe will be giving back to “God.” If you are short on funds, down and out, in need of material things, “tithe” and you will receive what you […]

A Million Doors Dream

[youtube=] In a world of difficulty, there is a great need for hope and opportunity. Some need a helping hand and encouragement to get going. Jo Dee Messina has launched an admirable campaign to help the project. This isn’t about just a cause I believe in or the latest celebrity charity,” says Jo Dee. “I […]

Dream Come True for Vietnam War Hero David Christian

Dreams can come true at any age. Col. Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken in his older years, after one business failure after another. David Christian, 63 year-old Vietnam War hero, just had one of his lifelong dreams come true. Lucas K. Murray, of the Courier-Post, wrote, Considered the youngest, most-decorated officer of the Vietnam War, with […]

“Written in the Stars” – A Dream Come True

A big dream has recently come true for author Jayme Ardente-Silliman as her new book, ironically, is about dreams come true. “Written in the Stars” is the story of a young girl, Sophie, who through her trials and tribulations learns how to dream again. When Sophie’s fairy tale life is met by an unbelievable tragedy, […]

Dreams Come True by Justin Bieber and Barack Obama

Justin Bieber and Barack Obama recently teamed to make a dream come true for a young girl who lost her father in 9/11. It all started when Obama made a visit to Ground Zero soon after Osama Bin Laden was killed. There, he met 14-year old Payton Wall, who had written to the President, told him […]

Unbelievable! Les Brown Dream Come True

[youtube]oN01-B3oshg&feature=related[/youtube] That is incredible. He wanted it, was ready, and opportunity came knocking. Les Brown has a gift for speaking, and knows about making dreams come true. Tranika Fagan of the South Florida Times wrote recently about his passion and wisdom. “Greatness is a choice,” he says. “It’s not your destiny.” Rather than take control […]

Dreams Come True for Astronaut Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez had a dream to become an astronaut, and did. Last week he encouraged graduates of San Jose’s National Hispanic University to dream and then go to work to make their dreams come true. Linda Goldston of the San Jose Mercury News wrote, The Stockton native said if he could make it from the […]