Dreams Come True for Former Pilot to Fly Once More

Emily Stroud, of WBIR, wrote  about a dream come true for 86 year-old Paul Lowe, of Knoxville, Tennessee. In spite of Alzheimer’s Paul got to fly again. Second Wind Dreams made it all possible. “He wasn’t afraid of my flying at all. We went over to McGhee Tyson and we did an instrument landing approach and did […]

James Durbin: An Outpouring of Appreciation

The San Jose Mercury News has published a great collection of appreciation and support for James Durbin. In one example, Alex Sawyers wrote, I will admit, up until this season, I hadn’t followed ‘American Idol’ too much. But when I heard about James Durbin’s story, I was immediately glued to the TV. I, like James, […]

More Dreams to Come True for Oprah – Her Broadway Acting Dream

Oprah Winfrey has had many great dreams come true. She has also been an inspiration to many. Now as her 25-year run comes to an end, other great dreams are just beginning. Chris Jones wrote about her Broadway dream. Oprah Winfrey has long said she would love to return to acting. But as her iconic […]