Ron Howard

Ron Howard is teaming up with his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard in creating a short film from photographs submitted and selected in an open competition. They were inspired to seek out inspiration for films from a new source: the world of still photography. It is an interesting concept to piece together a story from wherever […]

“A Soldier’s Dream: Captain Travis Patriquin and the Awakening of Iraq”

Memorial Day for American’s is a time of reflection, remembering, sacrifice, and the freedoms that we enjoy. There is a great cost for every freedom, and we express our gratitude for it. Regardless of the reasons for war, Captain Travis Patriquin did the best he could with the situation, and made a profound difference. His […]

Give For the Sake of Giving, and Receive

[youtube]gOKEYhyUE2k&feature=related[/youtube] BJ Gallagher writes about tithing in the Huffington Post; tithing in the sense of giving to charity, to a cause you believe in, to what you believe will be giving back to “God.” If you are short on funds, down and out, in need of material things, “tithe” and you will receive what you […]