The World’s Biggest Classroom

Oprah Winfrey has a great desire to teach, to lead, to help others lift themselves to higher ground. When she closed out her last talk show, she made a clarion call: find and share your light with the world, your gift, your unique contribution. As Oprah embarks on her exciting new opportunity with OWN, she continues to speak of her desire to lead and teach.

Our intention is to use the cable platform and the internet platform and the mobile platform to create messages that fill you up and bring you to new levels of awareness about yourself, ourselves, and our world; our potential…

At my core I’m a teacher, masquerading as a talk show host.
And now I’ll have a nightly class on OWN [OWN Your Life: The Oprah Class].

“Years ago, there was a story in USA Today about The World’s Biggest Classroom. It was one of a few articles I’ve saved over the years and I put it literally on my Vision Board. Because I wanted to embrace the idea of creating The World’s Biggest Classroom,” said Winfrey, adding that The Oprah Class will “teach people, how to live their best lives,” and “magnify and deepen the potential of that library [the Oprah Winfrey shows].”

Oprah Winfrey is a teacher at heart. Now she has a great opportunity through OWN, to teach and inspire in a greater way. I plan to be a part of that classroom; to learn and grow with her. I look forward to OWN products and shows that accomplish her goals to lift, inspire, and entertain.

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