The Seven Secrets of Inspiring Leaders

Right now I am not a great leader. People do not follow me, they don’t even listen to me. Sometimes I feel as though I can be a great leader, that I should, that I will one day. That will be a surprise. But I won’t be able to do it all by myself. The greatest power in the universe will be key; the one I call God, our Father.

I really like this Carmine Gallo post about leadership. I have thought along those lines at times. I keep having a vision of employees that seek and follow their own dreams, wherever that leads them. If they can do what they want within the framework of my company, that would be great. Otherwise, I am with them, will help them, and encourage them to go wherever they want.

I know it is difficult to enjoy working where you don’t want to be, to enjoy doing what you would rather not be doing, to think of the good and be grateful. The cup is always part full and part empty. I keep trying to follow Step 1, of the Seven Steps all the time; to think and enjoy the part that is full, rather than to think of the emptiness and feel empty. I am not there yet.

The past few years at work, I have learned that I can find the good, enjoy, and quit complaining most of the time. It has been difficult, but possible. I feel good about my progress. It is sad that so many are so unhappy, and think so much about the emptiness, rather than the good that is around them.

Let me ask you – how is it possible that unhappy, unmotivated and disengaged employees could possibly offer exceptional customer service or develop exciting, innovative products that move your brand forward?  They can’t.  That’s why it is up to you as leader to satisfy what Emerson called a person’s “chief want:” someone who will inspire us to be what we know we can be.

One of Carmine’s seven secrets is to Encourage Potential, even if it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the company. I like the idea of a company that is exciting, allows people to follow their dreams, encourages it, values their input and seeks it, knows that the collaboration of all the parts, the unified effort of every employee’s gifts will accomplish the great things. I desire my company EPH to be that kind of company. I desire the company I dream of forming with Ross Gibson, to be that kind of company.

Source: “The Seven Secrets of Inspiring Leaders,” Carmine Gallo, Forbes, 7/6/11

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