The Rosie Show

Rosie has a great energy about her, and humor. She can make you laugh. I like her work, her gifts. The short video in the ETonline article is a nice introduction. I think you’ll enjoy it.

After a “four-hour sit down,” Oprah and Rosie came to an agreement about doing “The Rosie Show,” which debuts October 10.

Although the two TV veterans were obviously familiar with each other’s work, they weren’t as familiar with each other.

“This is the first time we’ve gotten to sort of get to know each other,” Rosie confessed. “And I’m finally over the severe panic attack that happens every time I see Winfrey on my caller ID.”

It’s interesting to hear about personal moments between the successful, the talented, the well-known. Both “Lady O” and Rosie are exceptional people, with great energy, vision, and dreams. I like what they have given to the world, and expect great things in years to come. Many of their dreams have already come true, with many more likely on the horizon.

Source: “Rosie O’Donnell Dishes on Sealing her TV Deal with Oprah Winfrey,”, 7/31/11



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