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Steven Spielberg has got me thinking, smiling, laughing, etc.,  many times through his creations. I like so much of what he has done. His life seems to be a great dream come true story. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to more that is worthwhile, entertaining, and of benefit from Steven Spielberg, and his team.

I have been learning that great things happen from collaboration. I can’t do it all myself. No one can. Perhaps, the producer team of Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall joining with Spielberg and Dreamworks Studios will produce more great movies to enjoy. I certainly hope so.

Kennedy and Marshall have worked with Spielberg for decades on such signature films asRaiders of the Lost ArkWho Framed Roger Rabbit?, Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List.

I can see a day when a partnership that I am putting together will work great miracles with Steven and the Dreamworks team. I look forward to that time. I am finding that the Seven Steps work. They are powerful. Amazing things have been happening in my life, and will continue to.

I encourage you to learn and apply the Seven Steps in your life. They are true, inspired, principles that work.

Source: “Producers Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall Near Deal to Move from Sony to Dreamworks (Exclusive),” The Hollywood Reporter, 10/21/11


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