Ross Gibson

Ross Gibson has talent, more than anybody else. He also has big dreams. I believe in them. I desire to see them come true. I believe that all will appreciate and enjoy his creative works. Ross loves to write, especially poetry. He sees things visually.

Whether it be through books, TV, movies, or new forms of media, his creations can help wake up the world, add light and joy, encourage hope and faith, and bring great laughter and sadness.

I believe that he is on the cusp of sharing his great gifts, and collaborating with other great talents. I look forward to when he does.

The greatest things always come through a collaboration of efforts. The talent, means, and gifts of many add together to give the world greatness.

I desire to form a partnership with Ross Gibson, and others, that will do unbelievable things. That dream is very close to coming true.

I believe in the Seven Steps. They are making a huge difference in my life. Through them any dream can come true.

Dan Drew

The Seven Steps

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