Rochelle Gores Fredston

Rochelle Gores Fredston has followed in her father’s footsteps. She has a successful and popular business on Melrose Avenue, the Arcade Boutique. Hollywood celebrities and stylists love to frequent her store.

“Growing up, my dad always taught me to work hard and when I figure out what it is that I want to do, when I find something that I love, I should do it and try to be the best I can be at it,” Gores Fredston said….

Although Gores Fredston is best known for the glitz and glam that she has brought to Los Angeles, she hasn’t stopped there. In the spring, she founded Philanthropic Society Los Angeles (PSLA,) a group of young, forward-thinking business professionals who raise funds and awareness for The Children’s Institute, which focuses on helping children and mothers who are victims of domestic abuse.

“What I loved about this charity in particular is that it doesn’t just help them out of the situation; it educates them as to how to be better, stronger mothers and fathers,” Fredston said. “It urges these parents to read to their children, help them with education and really aid the next generation in being better.”

It’s nice to see dreams coming true, and the good that others do. It’s nice to see when others give back, and try to help out with difficulties in the world. Thank you Rochelle Gores Fredston for all the good you have done, and will do.

The Seven Steps Foundation could work with and assist those served through the PSLA. An open invitation goes out to the PSLA to participate with us in our first foundation seminar.

Source: “Rochelle Gores Fredston,” Haute Living Magazine, 7/20/11


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