Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith recently talked about the importance of example, of living what you believe, of loving, and being fully present in the moment. The influence that a grandparent has on their kids and grandkids is great. Life and belief (religion) is about doing.

“Religion is sort of what you do. And children watch you,” Michael says. “Our grandkids watch what we eat [a healthy vegan diet]. They watch us with their parents. They watch us being in spiritual community, being of service to others, being generous and kind.”…

Michael explains how kids have “one kind of conversation with their parents” – about school, chores, activities, time to go to bed and the like. “But as a grandparent, you get to have a much wider conversation. You get to talk about life,” he says. “You can ask certain questions about the kind of person they want to become or the contribution they want to make to the world, and it leads to other questions.” Those are the kinds of conversations Michael had with his own grandfather, and they “still resonate” with him.

The most important thing, this loving couple agrees, is to spend time with their grandkids, to be fully present in the moment, and to enjoy them.

I love being a grandparent. I love my grandkids. I hope the best for all of them. I desire to be a good, loving influence and example for them. Thank you Michael and Rickie for your words of wisdom, and good examples.

Step 1, of the Seven Steps, is all about choosing good, love, being a good example, and being grateful. I believe in the Seven Steps. They have done much for my life. They are true and good principles that have stood the test of time for millennia. I encourage all to learn and live them.

Source: “Love Is As Love Does,” GrandMagazine.com


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