Finding Sarah Ferguson


Sarah Ferguson was living a dream, a very big dream, yet troubled. She speaks now of not “deserving it,” of feeling low self-worth, and commented, “maybe they will love me know.” Her love of self has been low, just as it is for many. Sometimes it is hard to believe and accept our infinite worth. We all have it, but not all believe it, or accept it. Finding Sarah Ferguson is an opportunity for discovery and growth, and not just for Sarah Ferguson, for all of us.

During the series, “Fergie” asks for help from popular Oprah consultants, Dr. Phil McGraw and Suze Orman, who have difficult words for Sarah. Winfrey prefers to highlight her guest’s strength in taking the moral high ground. She even scored a rare interview with Sarah Ferguson’s daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, about the problems their mother has faced. Sarah frankly admitted: “I’m 51 and I have no self-worth.” She also said: “When we got divorced, I just had to get on with it… I didn’t understand things about money, probably because I never had to.”

The Duchess of York said during the documentary that she never felt as though she deserved to live a royal life. Fans of the royals will find her story riveting and will be reminded that when she married Prince Andrew in 1986, she was considered a “breath of fresh air” for the royal family, not unlike Kate Middleton has been.

You have infinite worth. Everyone does. The richest person on earth, and the poorest, the most famous, and the most obscure, all have infinite worth. The world does not teach this, but it is true. Everyone can believe and accept that they deserve all good things, any wealth, any dream to come true. You deserve it. You can believe it. Say it now, “I deserve it. I deserve success. I deserve wealth. I deserve all my dreams to come true. I have infinite worth!”

Do this every day. Look yourself in the mirror, right into your eyes, into your soul. Say, I love you. I can do anything, and so on. It doesn’t matter if you burst into tears at times, for seemingly no reason. They will be healing moments. Thank you. Thank you for all you are. You are needed. You have tremendous value. You have infinite worth!

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Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)

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