Unbelievable! Les Brown Dream Come True


That is incredible. He wanted it, was ready, and opportunity came knocking. Les Brown has a gift for speaking, and knows about making dreams come true. Tranika Fagan of the South Florida Times wrote recently about his passion and wisdom.

“Greatness is a choice,” he says. “It’s not your destiny.”

Rather than take control of their own lives, Brown said, too many people are “40/40 volunteer victims”– working 40 years, 40 hours [a week], by the say-so of someone else. “Accept responsibility for your life,” he says. “Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.”

Les Brown teaches choice and responsibility. Others do as well. Those principles are also key to “It’s Your Dream—Take It! Seven Steps to Any Dream.”

Les Brown’s own life is an inspiration. He made his dreams come true despite very difficult circumstances.

Brown says he also faced academic challenges. In the fifth grade, he says, he was labeled “educable mentally retarded” and sent back to the fourth grade. A few years later, he had to repeat the eighth grade. He carried the burden of being deemed intellectually inferior for most of his childhood, he says His life began to turn around in high school, when he came into contact with a teacher, Leroy Washington, who, he says, helped him shed that burden. “Someone’s opinion does not have to be your reality,” he says.  So he changed his reality.

He changed his “reality.” Can we do that?

Source: “LES BROWN: STILL MOTIVATING OTHERS,” South Florida Times, 4/25/11

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